Bakunahan Kontra Covid-19 , July 7 2022, sa Virac Sports Center

May nagpapatuloy na bakunahan kontra Covid-19 ngayon, July 7, sa Virac Sports Center. Magtatagal ito hanggang alas-3:00 ng hapon.

Narito ang mga available vaccines:

PFIZER (5-11 yo) , PFIZER (12 yo and above), MODERNA, SINOVAC

To cater the following:

1st and 2nd dose 5-11 yo – PFIZER

1st and 2nd dose 12-17 yo- PFIZER

1st dose 18 yo and above – SINOVAC

2nd dose 12-17 – MODERNA

2nd dose 18 yo and above – SINOVAC, PFIZER, MODERNA


1st Booster Dose – 18 yo and above – PFIZER, MODERNA, SINOVAC (Homologous only)

***At least 3 months from second dose, or atleast 2 mos if recipient of J&J vaccine

2nd Booster Dose – only for A1 (Healthcare workers) and A2 (Senior) – PFIZER, MODERNA

***At least 4 months from 1st booster dose


***Atleast 5 MONTHS from receiving your Second Dose ;

*** Those 12 to 17 yo with co – morbidities (may namamatean na hilang/kondisyon) must present a medical clearance from your attending physician and WILL BE CATERED by the EBMC Hospital Covax Team (schedule to be announced, please follow their social media account for further announcements.)

Sa mga nabakunahan ning GAMALEYA / ASTRAZENECA na dai pa nakaresibi nin saindang second dose, pwde na po kamo magpasecond dose ning alin man sa nasabing available na mga bakuna.

REMINDER to bring your vaccination cards, birth certificate, valid ids, ballpen, water, snacks.

Source: Radyo Pilipinas Virac Catanduanes

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