Virac registered a total population of 73,650 for a density of 416 persons per square kilometer. It has a household count of 15,068 on an average family size of 5.00 persons.

From the seventies through the late eighties, records show that the municipality has been experiencing a modest population growth rate averaging 1.85%. On the other hand, urbanization perked up in the nineties. A striking growth rate of 2.72% has been registered for the period 1995 to 2000, virtually unaffected by the very significant provincial out-migration pattern. This is primarily due to its being the center of education, trade and commerce, the seat of provincial government and the prime catchment area of population spill-over.

GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS (2015 NSO Census Population Data)

  Number Per Cent of Total
Political Units 63  100.00
     Urban 24   38.10
     Rural 39   61.90
Land Area (has.) 17,697.81  100.00
     Urban 1,950.49    11.02
     Rural 15,747.32   88.98
General Composition 73,650  100.00
     Urban 39,948   54.24
     Rural 33,702   45.76

Using the 2015 NSO population survey and adopting the mathematical method in projecting the future level of population, by year 2020 Virac shall be populated by 79,969. By year 2025, it shall increase by 86,831 or 17.90% from 2015.