According to some historian “History repeat itself”, that’s why the chief historical events are presented or handed down through stories of ancient conquerors and settles from generation to generation up to the present.

During the Spanish regime some Filipino soldiers under the command of Captain Busco were quartered near the present Pier of Virac, time passed. The Americans came to spread their sovereignty. The Filipino soldiers were divided into four groups to get strategic positions in their defense. One group stayed in the Eastern direction called “BASIAO”, another in the North called “ELI”. The people in the Sitio headed by their Cabeza De Barangay supplied the soldier’s food.

These soldiers who were crudely armed could not prevent the advanced of the powerful armed American soldiers. The Filipino “Insorectors” or insurgents were captured. In our local dialect “NADACOP”, some were “Nadacop” or captured by the American soldiers.

Hence from that time on the Sitio now, a fast growing barangay is officially called “DANICOP” derived from the word “DACOP”.

Danicop is the nearest barangay from the town proper, infact by walking from Danicop proper you can reach town proper within 30 minutes, and by vehicle you can reach town proper within 5 minutes.

Danicop is one of the parishes of Diocese of Virac and celebrates its religious festivities every year of May 8-9, before Danicop celebrates the fiesta in honor of St. Rafael Arcangel, recently they change it to San Miguel Arcangel.

The first transportation of Danicop is “kareta” for those who have business in the market, “kareta” where they put their goods such as vegetables, fruits, abaca, copra/coconut and others selling products. “Kalesa” for the elite persons, the one and only family who operate/owner of “kalesa” is Mr. Vicente T. Valeza, for single transportation they could it “besekleta” own by Mr. Esabello Magdaraog.

“Tenyente Del Barrio” the first barangay head officials and it was headed by Mr. Miguel Matienzo, time goes by it change for….