In the year 1950, the first name of Barangay Buenavista is called Barangay Marila which means Marilima Ilaya but because of the transfer certificate of title no. 185 it is hereby certified that certain land situated in the Barrio of Marilima, Virac, Catanduanes is registered in accordance with the provisions of Section 122 of the Land Registration Act of Catanduanes. It is subject to the provisions of the said Land Registration Act and the Public Act that the said land was originally registered on the 25th day of February 1969.

Buenavista comes from the root word “BUENAS” which means rich in Agricultural products; example is the wide green rice fields surrounded. Faher Borja is the first person who discovers this place that he considered rich Barangay and he decided to give name which is Buenavista in the year 1950.

Barangay Buenavista founded in the southern most Barangay in the Municipality of Virac, located 14 kilometers away from the center of the Municipality. The total land area of Barangay Buenavista is 78.79. This lot was surveyed in accordance with existing law regulations by P. Fabion on November 10, 1959.

The Barangay Buenavista celebrates festivities every year of April 30 – May 1 in honor of the Patron Saint Joseph.

The first people in the barangay who became a Teniente Del Barrio are the following: in 1957-1958 Lorenzo T. Diwata and 1958-1959 is Florentino T. Tapia who became a Barangay Captain. Gorgonio D. Ramos, Anatolio A. Tabilog, Jose T. Romero, Salvador A. Vargas.

The first people also are: Floring Angeles, Vicente Tomagan, Ambrosia Tomagan, Fernando Masagca, Felix Someda, Pablo Masagca, Esteban Molina, Lorenzo Diwata, Cresencia Zafe, Silvestre Tabinas, Gorgonio Ramos and Gregorio Tabinas Sr.