Appeasing troubled souls of the natives that was brutally massacred by pirates along time ago at Luyang Cave San Andres, Catanduanes, a group of people led by an American soldier comes to this area to conduct a search and retrieving operation for the survivors of the massacre.

The unknown and unnamed forested ae where suspected to be the dwelling of the survivors because of the existence of a “Soton” cave to which its channel traversing the Luyang Cave.

The story says that while the group is roaming and roving in search, its leader suddenly attacked by bees. (Known as “Sogod Pukyutan”)

An Old lady who’s been articulately moniker as “Reyna” agom ni “Hade”, the first inhabitants of this place was asked by the bitten soldier to attend him curing his wounds. The Lady momentarily at her leisure chewing “Nga-nga” or “Mam-on” started curing the soldier by spitting at him, her red colored saliva then rubbing it through the wounds. After the ceremonial curing, the Lady picked green colored saliva vine leaf warmth it from the heat then crashed it by her clumsy hands, she poured a drop of coconut oil on it, and smooth it over the wounds of the soldier.

The patient feels comforted as the curing help him eased the pains and the bruises, heartedly expressed his gratitude to the Old Lady. Before leaving the place the soldier managed to ask the Old Lady what was the name of his place? Then the Old Lady mistakably understood the question as the name of the green leaf is being asked by the soldier replied to him “BUYO”. So, it is. This Barangay named after the generosity and hospitality of our Old Folks.