Based on researches, before it became CALABNIGAN, the original named of this place is “BERLIN”. Berlin is a local word which means “brave people” who did not surrender when it comes to fighting, as an old saying goes, “no retreat no surrender”. It is a Sitio of Barangay Sto. Domingo, Virac, Catanduanes. During that time, there were so many labnig or huyo (kind of plant which dried materials are used in basket making) in this place, that’s why people called it “Malabnig or Mahuyo” meaning abundant of labnig or huyo.

The first families lived in this place are Mr. Miguel Vergara, Mr. Jacinto Camacho and Mr. Alfonso Pantino.

As the years goes by, the people living in this place grew. Mr. Alfonso Pantino, the real owner of this land decided to meet Mr. Miguel Vergara and Mr. Jacinto Camacho discuss the growing population of this place. After their discussion, through an abrupt decision they agreed to donate this place to the people who lived there.

Mr. Alfonso Pantino states to the people that they can live freely in this land. On 1931, Mr. Alfonzo Pantino decided that the sitio must be separated from Sto. Domingo and he said that “I donate this land for the people that came and live here to became a Barangay”.

Mr. Alfonzo Pantino changed the name of “BERLIN to CALABNIGAN, which derived from the word labnig, which literally means abundant of labnig.