In the year 1920, there was a small community and wide land area that was part and under the administration of Barangay Casoocan. There were only five families living in the area namely; Jose Kiwa Arcilla, Francisco Tacorda, Lorenzo Socito, Anecito Talan and Francisca Vargas in the year 1920.

This place was surrounded of an abundant tree which was called “KAYUMPANG”. And in the year 1940, because of the misunderstanding between Casoocan, the barangay was separated to the Barangay Casoocan, the years passed, the Japanese came to monopolize the place. All people went in this place only to hidden. Therefore, the resident in the barangay was increase.

And in the year past the place was added as another barangay in the Municipality of Virac, became the name Barangay Calampong because of the surrounded of the trees kayumpang.

In the year 1965, the Barangay Calampong has own School which is Calampong Elementary School. The place was leading the first Cabeza de Barangay was Anecito Talion Talan the first father “Teniente” (the first name of Chairman) who served for 20 years, the second was Andres Tacorda, third was Dalmasio Molina, fourth was Sopronio Benavidez, fifth was Renato Tacorda, sixth was Pablo Diwata Jr, seventh was Arnold Reyes eight was Alpio Vargas and as of now the Barangay Captain was Bienvenido T. Tablate who serve in the barangay since 2007.

August 19, 1945, was the first foundation day of Barangay Calampong but due to lack of guest it was moved to May 18-19 in the year 1950 in honor of the Patron Saint Joseph Deloroso.

In 1972, by virtue of Republic Act No. 3590, Calampong is one of the barangay of Virac in the south-north, located 12.780 kilometer distance from the Municipal Hall.