Barangay Capilihan is one of the early barangays in the municipality of Virac. The word Capilihan is derived from a nutty Pili tree which according to the folks, the only barangay with abundant Pili tree before.

The barangay was created through the initiative of former Sangguniang Bayan Member Ireneo Molina on 1952. On its creation, there were only eighteen (18) permanent households. Those household heads were Prima Molod, Juana Talan Sarmiento popularly known as Nang Anday na Dakula, Juana Tabuzo Abundo also known as Nang Anday na Saday, Hipolita Aguilar Sarmiento, Marcelo S. Talaro, Ponciano Lopez, Marcela Molina, Pascual Sarmiento Tabuzo, Melanio Francisco, Luis Camacho, Meliton Arcilla Sarmiento, Leoncio Talaro Angeles, Alejandra Tacorda, Pedro Arcilla Sarmiento, Ezequiel Pantino, Tito Sarmiento, Jose Asuncion Sorreda, and Eugenio Guerrero after a months of setting up the ermita (kinalubong style), the Patron Saint Isidore, the farmer was formally introduced jointly by Meliton A. Sarmiento (the first Matanda) and Ireneo Molina and approved by the residents at that time. The effigy of the Saint Isidore, came from the Simbahan na Mayor (now cathedral) while the lot was donated by the spouses Luis and Felomina Camacho. Now and then, the celebration of the fiesta day is being done every 14th-15th of May of the year.

Today, this barangay is composed of Seven (7) Puroks, including four (4) Sitios from which legality of naming permanently the streets and Sitios was done on 2003 through Barangay Resolution passed to the Sangguniang Barangay by former Barangay Kagawad Jocelyn G. Avila, asserting the names of Four (4) Sitios namely: Sitio San Ramon, Sitio Pamayang, Sitio Pinamalhuhan, and Sitio Mislagan and Three (3) Streets namely: Rizal Avenue, which is the National Highway, the Purok 1, San Isidro Street, and Salvacion Street. The Seven (7) Puroks are Purok 1, it starts from Sinibaan Bridge to the JC Cua’s residential and business establishment. Purok 2 is located after the Cua’s to Romero’s after the Kanipaan River. Purok 3 is located at the right side of Barangay Proper starting Chinese Cemetery to the Masagca’s. Purok 4 is located at the center of the barangay proper, starting from Avila’s to Posada’s, Purok 5 is located opposite of Purok 3, it starts from the road beginning Ubalde’s to Bahay Tanod’s, Purok 6 start after bahay Tanod’s and Masagca’s to include Sitio Pamayang and Sitio Pinamalhuhan and Purok 7 is located at the mountain foot, popularly known as Mislagan.

The Chinese Cemetery at the National Highway serves as the Land Mark of the Barangay. The cemetery was found on 1920’s and developed by Cu Chuy (the great grandfather of Laynes), the land was acquired from the Tacordas on 1940’s. The late Siatong was the first (1st) Chinese entombed in the said cemetery followed by the late Kiama and so on. Their crypt can still be found here.

The Capilihan Elementary School commenced on July 12, 2004 with a makeshift classroom sited in the Barangay Plaza. The makeshift building was cooperatively built by the Sangguniang Barangay Members and parents, through Atag. Mrs. Merle T. Gonzales was the first Head Teacher with her teaching staffs, Mrs. Luz R. Jubay – Gr. 1 Teacher, Mrs. Gina R. Berces – Gr. 2 Teacher, Mrs. Aida B. Lumbao Grade 4, and Ms. Blessilda Vargas, Grade 5 & 6. After two school years of classes in a makeshift classroom, the Capilihan Elementary School has transfered to the site donated by the Hon. Joseph C. Cua and Mrs. Yolanda L. Villanueva with two school buildings form Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry and from the DPWH. Before that, Barangay Kagawads Jocelyn G. Avila and Zenaida R. Barba jointly passed a barangay resolution for the opening of elementary school with the attached list of tentative enrollees of Elementary School Pupils from Kinder to Grade 6. The unforgettable Flag Raising in Capilihan Elementary School was ever made on July 19, 2004 using bamboo as a flag pole.

Starting the 2010 National and Local Elections, Capilihan Elementary School is now used as the polling place. Formerly, the voting poll was held at the Barangay Chapel then moved to the Barangay Day Care Center and Barangay Health Center. But, due to voter’s inconveniences, Barangay Kagawad Jocelyn G. Avila, seconded by Kag. Zenaida R. Barba, initiated signature campaign and passed a bill to the Sangguniang Barangay to transfer the Polling Precinct to Capilihan Elementary School and forwarded it to the COMELEC, Virac. So, now and then, the National & Local Elections, and Barangay & SK Elections is being held in Capilihan Elementary School.