The Barangay was initially inhabited by “Tiplakan” or people from mountains north of the barangay. With the inclusion of other people from the mainland Albay.

Until the 1950’s, with 80% of the place agricultural and mainly planted with rice and the rest is covered by tall grasses. Only a handful of families live in the area with families of Tablo, Valeza, Bagadiong and Socito are pre-dominating. Then the area is still part of Sta. Elena.

On October 26, 1989, with the place over populated with a population even surpassing the Virac Municipality, Sta. Elena was divided into four barangay namely Sta. Elena Proper, Lanao in the North, Constantino in the West and Marcelo Alberto in between.

Barangay Constantino was then initially named “Kawit” with Kawit Chapel as its main infra-structure. Now, although some people still referred to it as Kawit, it is now popular known as Constantino named after, its fiesta on May 21.