First of all, the place was a corn land and it was owned by the husband and wife named Mr. & Mrs. Tomasa Magtangob from barangay Simamla, Virac, Catanduanes. The said land donated to the people living near the place and the land area was measured in about 1,353.75 hectare. It is located at north of Virac and a center among the three barangays, one of the barangay name was Dugui Too which is located at the right of Dugui San Isidro and the other barangay name was Dugui San Vicente which is too far among the three remote barangay of Virac.

The place was no name before, the people agree together to donate a statue of San Isidro Labrador and it was place in the small house and they pray together. Now the barangay matanda plan to solicit donation to the people in the year 1954. Temporarily, they just make small chapel to put the statue of San Isidro Labrador. At the same year the barangay was blessed on May 15, and that’s the time people in the barangay called it Dugui San Isidro Virac, Catanduanes. As the years go on there’s a time that during the feast celebration of the saint was lack of priest to conduct a mass there should be a rescheduling of feast, and it was scheduled May 23 and starting that time the celebration will gather on that date up to 2013. When Rev. Father Joey Diaz Aguilar assigned as parish priest at Buyo district he change the celebration into real date which is May 14-15, that was starting 2014 up to present the people of Dugui San Isidro celebrating the feast of Saint Isidore Labrador.

The distance of the barangay to the municipality town is about 8 km, the transportation during that time is only walking going to barangay Buyo and it takes one hour, and having a jeepney from barangay Buyo going to Virac town and going back at same process. Most of the people living at the barangay are planting camote, cassava and other root crops, and almost 99% of the constituents are abaca farmer specially the family head, this is their source of income that will sustain their daily needs.

This barangay has complete elementary education a Dugui San Isidro Elementary Education a government owned institution.

The name Barangay Dugui San Isidro come from; DUGUI thru mud or putik and San Isidro from the patron Saint San Isidore Labrador.