In Virac,Catanduanes. The Moros, Muslims of the Southern Philippines, unbowed by foreign domination, tried to recover territories colonized by Spain and whose people had already embraced Christianity. On September 8, 1755, the Moros came in lightning raid in Virac landing in Kadakulaan Beach in barangay Francia. Fighting took place near the wooden bridge and the villagers, fired by the love and devotion to Our Lady of PenaFrancia, fought fiercely, and successfully repulsed the invading Moros back to sea. However, the second wave of attack by invading Moros landed in the beach of San Pablo and Salvacion where defense was weak broke the line of resistance and sent the villagers running the nearbyhills while some took refuge inside the cave going to calolbon taking with them their religious images and the church’s libros canonicus.