Barangay Gogon Sirangan, Virac, Catanduanes, a thriving and prosperous community located at 1 kilometer away from the heart of the Poblacion. It nestles in the Eastern Bicol Medical Center (EBMC), Camp Francisco Camacho, and the Inglesia Ni Cristo Church. It is noted for its cool invigorating climate the whole year round. Because of its government officials have built their home there.

Traders and other strangers coming to the place ask why it is called Gogon. The residents would recount this of told stories.

A very long time ago, before the coming of the Spaniards, Gogon was must a cluster of houses. The people were few and lived simply. Most of them are farmers and fisherman. It was said that the place was once covered with cogon grass. Thus, the place come to called “Cagogonan” meaning a place where cogon grass is abound.

Where the Spanish missionaries came to our shore, the place was in the condition. One day, Spanish soldiers were taking a walk. Desiring to know the place, the Spaniards asked a young girl. The young girl answered “cagogonan”. The Spaniards wrote down Cagogonan in their record book.

As time went, the place has been called Gogon up to this day. Since then, Gogon thrive expanded and progressed tremendously growing so big that it was divided into three barangays in 1972. Two of these barangays are Gogon Centro and Gogon Sirangan.

The early organizers used the caton for the beginners and the astute or the advanced learners. The teacher had to go to school every morning and afternoon. They are on all benches arranged around the room. The lesson starts with the series of players led by the teachers. The study of the alphabet is according to the ability of the learner. After all the people were checked in the training of the lesson assigned. They were led to memorize the prayers. After some children progressed, they received lashing and pinching from the teacher.

However, he punishment received served as incentives to the children. They cried at home when their parents could not teach them the lesson before they come to the school. From this, the study habits of the children were developed. Every pupil paid two centavos which was locally called the salary. The organization was very dedicated to their works. They passed the way for the development of the morals especially discipline, respect, helpfulness, and high interest of learning. These attitudes were carried by the children when they enter the formal education in the public school. The traits developed were practiced due to strong influence made the early organizers of the early barrio education.

Sirangan is in the heart of the community while the part called “Contod” meaning summit which used to be sparsely populated became the San Isidro Village. The buildings previously mentioned including the Gogon Elementary School are located in San Isidro Village. The catholic chapel is found in Gogon Centro. Despite the division of the barrio, people continue to call San Isidro Village as Gogon.

Patronal Fiesta/Foundation Day (every 24th day of October of the year).