Barangay Hawan Grande is situated between Hawan Ilaya and Buenavista. It is the southernmost Barrio of the Municipality of Virac, ringed in of gently folded green hills, surrounded by mountains that proclaim the beauty of creation. It has a share of cultivable plains and vegetated uplands suitable for agriculture.

It was founded in 18th century with total land are of two hundred seventy-five and eighty hundredths of hectares (275.80) roughly classified into uplands, corn lands, and low lands area. Its original names was “HAWAN” or “GAHAWAN” brushing or kaingin making.

Hawan founding fathers were Don Eusebio Candelaria, Don Mariano dela Peñas and Don Miguel Sorra. The first church or “Oratorio” was built in 1892. Its total land area in square meters is 6,176 and was donated by the family of the late Don Leon Reyes. Being a barangay, it is in then one of the parishes of the Diocese of Virac, with a parish priest, Rev. Fr. Antonio Jusue since 1892. Upon the proclamation of the church, reorganizing the parishes of Virac, under the supervision of the District of Albay, the diocese of Virac, was turned-over to Catanduanes, which came to birth the Parish St. Isidore the Farmer, Magnesia, resulting Hawan Grande as one of its comprising barangays until now.

The people celebrate its religious fiesta every 11th to 12th day of January in honor of the patron saint, “SAGRADA FAMILIA” (Holy Family).