In terms of historical beginning, Barangay Hawan Ilaya is hereby detached and separated there from Barangay Hawan Grande to form and constitute into distinct and independent barangay which created to be known as “Barangay Hawan Ilaya”, without affecting in any manners the legal existence of the former sitio of Hawan Grande.

It is the southernmost barangay in the municipality of Virac which surrounded by mountainous hills, greener and cultivates plains, vegetative upland and a golden rice land where most economic livelihood is farming.

The words Hawan Ilaya comes from the word “Ilayang Hawan” which means “Sa Inutan ning Hawan” called now “Hawan Ilaya” with a total land area of 128.58 hectares roughly classified to upland, cornland, cocoland and lowland areas.

On September 9, 1955, Republic Act No. 1408 was enacted by the Philippine Congress, the barrio council become the smallest unit government and great power and responsibilities granted, through the administration of Pres. Ramon Magsaysay, under this, the Philippine Legislator which provided the organization of a council composed of Barrio Lieutenant and Vice Lieutenant where sitio assist to their duties.

It was only during the term of Governor Juan M. Alberto and former Mayor Codor Surtida when Hawan Ilaya is created as a barangay which is founding father where Patricio Panti as a barrio lieutenant. Because of the cultural origin of the barangay on the religious tradition where passed to generation to generation, he construct a small chapel or kapilya named Saint Nuestra Senora De Candelaria, another chapel built was a kapilya of San Pedro located in Kawayan going to Barangay Balite.

After this tenure, another founding father was Baldomero Vargas earliest of 1960. During this term, a lot presently occupied by our church was donated by the late Casiano Vargas, a first resident in Barangay Hawan Ilaya. It is the beginning, the people celebrates the religious fiesta every year of June 14 and 15 in honor of our patron Saint Mary of Salvation. Followed by founding person Domingo Tabuena.

Before the declaration of Martial Law where the barangay election held on January 9, 1972 were Florentino Villegas one of the founding father elected as first Barrio Captain. A part of her legacy is historical record for 10 years’ service that served as part for their contribution as barrio servant. An energetic and dedicated barrio captain who donated a lot during his term which is now a barangay plaza. Another benevolent land owner who donated a piece of lot built a pre-public school by Delfin Posada.

All this founding father recognized to delivering quality services to the barangay.