Formerly, Igang wa then part of Barangay Antipolo as a sitio. There were six families inhabited in this place; they were the families of Lucas Pantino, Turibio, Tabian, Guillermo Pantino, Simeon Magtangob Sr. and Paula Benavides. Through the passage of time the sitio turns into a promising locality which is the barangay separated and independent from Barangay Antipolo jurisdiction through the leadership of Marcos Romero and other tenientes.

Historically, this Barangay was given her name “IGANG” because according to the story of the Barrio folks this place has long and wide seashore. One time there came a stranger who asked why there was no water at the seashore. Someone answered “NAMAGANG” or become dry. From that time Igang became popular name of this place.