Long ago in 1940’s, this place is called ‘Poniton’ which means “separated because it was separated several times from Barangay Sto. Domingo, Hicming, and Buyo. This is the place with different kinds of grasses and trees like coconut, guava and narra tree. At first, there were five (5) distance houses owned by the first families which are Agapito Beo, Isabelo Tabo, Juan Magtangob, Manuel Zafe, Ambrosio Vergara and Paciano Ubalde Sr.

Cecilio P. Beo, the son of late Agapito Beo, was the first honored Tenyente during that time.

In 1950’s Poniton was separated from Barangay Sto. Domingo and transferred to Barangay Hicming. In 1960’s Poniton separated again from Barangay Hicming and transferred to Barangay Buyo.

In 1968, Tenyente Cecilio P. Beo settled a meeting and agreement to Luis Guerrero, DILG, the ESCD President and Council Mariano Alberto aiming to become Poniton as a formal barangay with the unity and effort of the barangay constituents.

Since then, Juan M. Alberto, a well-known resident died at the same year.

At present, it is called as barangay Juan M. Alberto Poniton.

Cecilio P. Beo honored as the cabesa de barangay and lately he called as the father of Barangay Juan M. Alberto ‘Puniton’.

Barangay Juan M. Alberto ‘Puniton’ adopted February 1 as the Foundation Day which was the birthday of late Cecilio P. Beo to give the tribute of his good work and leadership at this barangay.