Barangay Magnesia is cozily rested on a quay touching the Maqueda Channel and bordering the vast Pacific Ocean. It is the southernmost barangay in the municipality of Virac, ringed-in by chain of gently-molded hills akin to Bohol’s Chocolate Hills but greener, verdantly more luxurious and richly endowed with flora and fauna.

It is hugged by white sand beaches embossed with powdery white sand “Bacolod” engulfed between stretches of mountains, laid on a virgin coral reefs bounty of marine resources and rocky promontories that proclaim the magnificent beauty of creation. It has its share of cultivable plains and swamplands plus a dash of lushly vegetated uplands suitable for a dry agriculture and parcels of green and golden rice lands during wet season. It is kissed lovingly by lazy breeze of “amihan” and it has a benign climate all year round.

Magnesia is one of the early barangays of Virac in the southern coastal located 15 kilometers away from the Municipal proper.

It was founded in the 18th century originating from the name “MAG-ON-ON” which means to cook fish in almost salty-sour water with garlic, ginger and other condiments (inon-on, paksiw in Tagalog). In 1910, it was visited by two (2) Japanese geologists prospecting for minerals. They discovered the abundance of Magnesium thus, subsequently renaming the place MAGNESIA.

Magnesia founding fathers were Agustin Arcilla, Pio Ramos, Bernabe Vargas, Margarito Arcilla and Marianito Arcilla. They were joined later on by the clans belonging to the Bautistas, Tabuzos, Diwatas, Tabinas, and others.

Inhabitants of Magnesia are noted for their religiosity as reflected by the Magnesia church one of the oldest houses of God in town was built almost at the same time of its foundation in 18th century, of which part of its original architectural design and materials are still present in the reconstructed parish church. The land of the religious structure was donated by the family of the late Don Agustin Arcilla with a total area of 5,777 square meters declared under Tax Declaration No. 21731 and 16937.

Magnesia became one of the parishes of the Diocese of Virac since 1956 and celebrates its gala religious festivities every year of May 14-15, in honor of the Patron Saint, St. Isidore, the Farmer.

In 1972, by virtue of Republic Act No. 3590, Magnesia was divided into two (2) barangays which gives birth to the present name of MAGNESIA DEL NORTE being situated in the northern part of the original barangay that occupies a total land area of 156.51 hectares.