In the period of Spaniards there had been Six (6) families residing in ILAYA. This ILAYA is the place before Buenavista was created. And this place was called BAYBAY before they called it Marilima.

One from those families went and seeks a good and better source of income and livelihood in BAYBAY. They are residing at almost a year until they discover that the place of BAYBAY is abundant and bountiful for livelihood.

One of the family who first discover the place of BAYBAY with abundant and bountiful source of income and livelihood shouting and inviting “MARI KAMONG LIMA” to stay and reside here in BAYBAY.

The five (5) families come and stay in BAYBAY until they proven that the source of income and livelihood are abundantly for their family needs, so they decided to reside in BAYBAY permanently.

Years after, the six (6) families group together and think wisely to change the name of BAYBAY. One of them state that from the word of MARI KAMONG LIMA we can get the word MARI-LIMA they thought that MARILIMA is a beautiful name so they agreed to each other without further more deliberation.

The six (6) families who first resided in ILAYA went to BAYBAY. From BAYBAY first and to new name MARILIMA are; they are the following: VERANCIA, TOLENTINO, FERMEN, FROCTOSO, TABLATE and FERNANDO.

MARILIMA has a distance 12.679 km. from the Barangay Hall to Municipal Town of Virac.

Marilima festivity for Senior Santo Niño celebrated every January 7-8, year of Almighty God.