Located 8 kilometers south of Virac and a 15-minute drive from the capital town is Palta Small, formerly a sister sitio of Palta Big and known to some as Pagsangahan. Due to its relatively small population, it was named as such to distinguish it from Palta Big. Palta was formerly a sitio of Sto. Domingo, it was established of the few families of Aguilar, Bagadiong, Beo, Tabios, Tabuzo, and Valenzuela. In 1901, Palta became a separated barangay; data gathered disclosed the fact that its first Teniente Del Barrio was Felix Arcilla.

The early inhabitants depended mostly their livelihood in farming. They planted various root crops and also raised domestic animals such as native pigs, chicken, carabaos, and goats. Many families cultivated the vast land in a place called “malagibog”, located in the northwest of barangay Palta Small which was owned by the Imperial, Planes Family.

Early childhood education started with the reading of a religious pamphlet called “Doctrina Cristiana” under the “Caton” teachers like Felipa Vergara (a.k.a. Nang Epay) and Nicolasa Gurrobat (a.k.a. nang Colay). There was no school available in Palta during the early part of the Spanish Period. Some of the parents got their formal education in barrio Calatagan, Balite and in the town proper of Virac. It was only after World War II (1945) when a school building was constructed in the locality. The Palta Primary School (for grades 1-6) was first introduced and several years later it became the Palta Elementary School. In 1966, the barangay high school was established in Palta Big with Mr. Santiago G. Gurrobat Sr., Ms. Estela Arcilla, Mrs. Carmelita Perlas as the pioneer teachers.

Six (6) decades ago, Palta Small was accessible only thru the sturdiest of the travelers and on horseback. Now, it opens not only to Catandunganons but also to any visitor wishing to enjoy the bucolic sight and invigorating atmosphere.