Barangay San Jose is a small barangay located at the commercial district and along the national road of the Municipality of Virac, Province of Catanduanes. In the late 18th century, it was already known as a place called San Jose and a part of Colawan which is now composed of four barangays namely: Salvacion, San Pedro, San Roque and San Jose.

The first ancestral concrete house was constructed in San Jose in the year 1886 owned by the couple Esteban Cervantes and Josefa Ubalde, now the residence of Ariston Cervantes Sarmiento. Among the other pioneer clans were the Abundo, Enriquez, Alberto, Arcilla, Surtida, Dela Riva and Sto. Tomas.

Barangay San Jose was famous then of the presentation of the play called “comedia” which was all about the Christianization of the natives by the Spaniards wherein the dialogues of the stage actors and actresses were performed through songs. This play was presented yearly until the early seventies during the feast day of St. Vincent Ferrer which falls on the last Friday of the month of May.

Barangay San Jose together with Barangays San Pedro and San Roque, was also known of the religious youth organization called “Three Sans” from the names of the saints of the three barangays sponsoring the annual “Santacruzan” was held during the month of May in honor of Blessed Virgin Mary. The lovely and fairest maidens of the barangay portrayed the different characters in the quest for the cross where Jesus was crucified, headed by Queen Helena and her son, Prince Constantine.