Barangay San Vicente is a large community with industrious, cooperative and religious residents. The beloved Patron of the Barangay was SAN VICENTE FERRER where devotees had their usual visit during Tuesday, Friday, Holy Friday, and Fiesta.

The big Barangay was subdivided into three namely Barangay Capilihan, Barangay Ibong Sapa, and Barangay San Vicente.

The Barangay is two kilometers east of Virac Poblacion and is considered to be the gate away to northern and eastern places. It is situated along the National Road and very accessible to land transportation because of the concrete roads.

There are cozy places to visit wherein anybody can enjoy the night with friends and feel the cold breeze of the Sea. It has an area of 910.50 hec., a rice land and mountain slope wherein the residents planted Rice, Camote, Cassava, Coconut, Gabi, Fruits Trees, Bamboo, Vegetables and etc.

The Barangay San Vicente, there are 7 Purok I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, and there are 5 Setio’s namely Visita; Sogod; Kabok-bok; Sunrise Village; Kabatoan. The adjacent Barangay, north is Mountain, Dugui Too, south is Pacific Ocean or Cabugao Bay, West is Ibong Sapa, Capilihan, and east is Marinawa or Bato Catanduanes.

The Terrain Characteristics a. Coastal 30%, b. Plain 40%, c. Hilly 10%, and d. Mountain 20%. The Type of Soil are Clay 40%, Loam 10%, Sandy 10%, and Clay Loan 10%.

The population had almost increased to 1,973 residents mostly of Roman Catholic religion. The main source of income is farming, fishing and construction workers. Lesser residents are professionally employed in Government establishments and mostly are indulge in small time business.

Majority of dwellings are semi-concrete made of light materials and some are concrete…