Barangay Sta. Elena is one of the barangay in the Municipality of Virac located near the Poblacion. It is the mother barangay of the three adjacent barangay namely Barangay Lanao, Marcelo Alberto and Constantino.

By virtue of the Provincial Board Resolution No. 145-A on June 16, 1969, Four Barangays were created namely Barangay Lanao, Marcelo Alberto, Constantino and retain the name of Barangay Sta. Elena being located at the forefront of the Poblacion. At present in zoning code, they are still barangay Sta. Elena. On October 19, 1989, Municipal Resolution 60-89 (Annex A) designated the existing creek (Gogon River) as the permanent boundary between barangay Constantino and Barangay Sta. Elena, Virac, Catanduanes, a week after, October 26, 1989, Municipal Resolution No. 62-89 (Annex B) enacted Municipal Ordinance No. 13-89 fixing the boundaries of the four barangays. The Barangay Captain elected are Maria Quintana, Felito Tayo, Luz F. Camacho-her resignation succeeded by Henry Aldea, Bobby Navar died during his tenure and succeeded by Vicente Sarmiento, Vicente Sarmiento re-elected, Roger Aguilar and at present the three termer, Punong Barangay Freddie A. Magtangob, Jr.

Then, once they called Barangay Sta. Elena, it is a barangay composed of Barangay Sta. Elena, Lanao, Marcelo Alberto, Constantino and a part of San Pedro, San Roque, Mislagan and Sto. Niño. The Tenyente Del Barrio at that time whose services are commendable – Pedro A. Gianan (Cais), Marcelo Aguilar (Amid), Eulogio Talaran Sr. and Bel Angel Sarmiento.

Barangay Sta. Elena is rich in culture & tradition. There is a “PABASA” every Holy Week. On the 2nd week of January, there is a “PATAWAD” Novena. There was even a “COMEDIA” during the times of our forefathers. The festive mood of the people cannot be measured by rich tradition of TOKE-finding of the true Holy Cross at the eve before the Fiesta, the highlight of the festivities of St. Elaine.

Many have not known that Feast Day of Sta. Elena, May 3 is the celebration of the Construction Worker on the Day of the Holy Cross.

Few recognizes the vision and ability exhibited by Elena, a concubine, a mother, an empress, an architect, a builder, archeologist, adventurer, a discoverer of the true Holy Cross of Jesus, a role model to her son-Constantine, an emperor of Rome who as one of the most capable and powerful people in the third Century effected major change in the course of history of the world and Christianity.