Way back 18th century there was a virgin forest that never been step by a human foot. Only wild animals live in it. Abundant of fruit bearing trees wild root crops that serve foods to wild animals. One day an anonymous animal hunter while running after a wild deer for him to shoot by his bow and arrow happened to reach the place because of the thickness of trees he did no longer saw his target instead he saw many wild pigs lying near a river, instead of shooting the animals he found himself looking around and he was amaze of the beautiful place wherever he look he saw God creation, as if he is in paradise. Because of the beauty of the place, abundant of wild animals and fruit bearing trees for food, the said hunter did not leave. He made a tent for his temporary shelter. Until another animal hunter come, like the first hunter, he did not leave, he ask his co hunter what is the name of the place because of the wideness and beauty of the place he answered (mamban-aw) meaning wide and nice to look at the first hunter he made also a shelter and brings his family with him. Until another one hunter come with their family until they recognize that they are already a group.

The first people of mamban-aw are religious and God fearing people they made a shelter dor their dwelling place, they have novena for every patron saint. As mamban-aw grew they can build house wherever they wanted clean and cultivate land as big as they wanted and this will be their love forever. As mamban-aw grows their dwelling place is no longer suit for them they are already crowded so they plan for a bigger dwelling place and this time they wanted a concrete construction a certain Francisco Tabirara alyas Pugay Diego Vargas and Marcelo Alberto offer their adjoining lot for said dwelling temple. Diego Vargas a 17 year old man was their leader as Barrio Lieutenant that time he met the people for them to plan for the construction of big dwelling temple. They agreed to build dwelling temple out of stone. During that time there was no cement yet they agreed to collect sea shells from the seashore for apog as their cement. During moonlight night they gathered seashell, men with carabao and careta goes to the shore to gather shell, women and children bring bakay with them as container of shell bakay is a basket made of karagumay, when gathered shells are enough for their use they burned them to make apog as cement for their project. They gathered stones and cogon for the roof. When all materials are ready they begin the construction by means of atag or bayanihan they write their names as funders and buried it under the propose altar. When building was finish they plan for their patron saint. They agreed that Sto. Niño shall be their Patron Saint. They contact a sculpture in the name of Victor Tablo of Sta. Elena, Virac, Catanduanes. Tang Victor made the image of Sto. Niño when it was finish he contact the people of mamban-aw for delivery, June 21, 1905 when patron Sto. Niño arrives at mamban-aw it was welcomed by a mass headed by Father Camu. It was a feast of all people of Mamban-aw.

Since that time and until at present mamban-aw become Sto. Niño.