Barangay Simamla is plentiful rested beside Mt. Owayon. It is the South West Barangay in the Municipality of Virac. Mt. Owayon is a very tall mountain, where many mountaineers go up there to know what lies there; it is rich in the supply of water that flows from the mountain and the lagoon.

It is hugged by beautiful trees, vegetables, wild animals like wild pig and others. Simamla has a beautiful cave that surrounds by water or spring, which scenery creates a beautiful master piece of nature locally called Rib-ho. Plus the freshly flowing river between Buyo and Simamla.

It has a share of cultivated plains and swamplands and a dash of lushly vegetated uplands suitable for a dry agriculture and parcels of green and golden rice lands during wet season.

Simamla is also one of the early barangay of Virac in the South West located 12 kilometers away from the Municipal Proper.

It was founded in the 18th century originating from the name “Mansisima nin sila” which means to catch a fish in the river. In 1912, it was visited by Japanese they go around, one day, there was a fisherman goes to the river for fishing while on his to the river he met the Japanese and ask him the name of this Barangay (using his own dialect), the fisherman thought that he was asked what he is doing. So he answered him “Mansisima nin sila” the Japanese pronounced it Simamla. From now on they called this place Simamla meaning “Mansisima nin sila”.

Simamla founding fathers were Juan Taller, Hilario Vargas Sr., Honorio Padilla and Felix Vargas, they were joined later on by the clans belonging to the Magtangob, Benavidez, Panti, Borja, Francisco, Ternida, Alejandro and others.

In habitants of Simamla are noted for their Religiosity as reflected by the Simamla church, one of the oldest house of God which was built in 18th century of which part of its original architectural design and materials are still present in the constructed church. The land of the religious structure was donated by the family of the late Juan Taller.

Simamla celebrates its gala Religious Festivities every year of August 15-16, in honour of the Patron of Saint Roque.

In 1974, Simamla was divided in to two Barangays which gives birth to the present name of Sogod Simamla which situated in the west part of the original Barangay.