Sogod means a portion or part of Simamla, a mother barangay of Sogod Simamla. During the old times, Sogod was just a place for pasturing carabaos. It is also called sitio of Simamla which the first family that lived here is Juan Vargas and Gualberta Vargas, this couple has seven children namely; Helario, Narcisa, Maria, Juana, Agapita, Petrona and Pedro.

The total land area of Barangay Sogod Simamla is 854.96 hectare composed of Upland area locally know as “Corepdas” that usually planted coconut, root crops, Tabliso and Tan-Awan, which planted abaca plants. On lowland called Cayampi and Kagamotan covered the residential land.

The children of Juan and Gualberta got married and build their families in Sogod Simamla that was considered as the first families of this barangay.

June 15, 1972, the petition was granted by the virtue of Republic Act No. 3590, this sitio was created, and called barangay Sogod Simamla.

Efepanio Besonia was the first barangay teniente of this barangay from 1972 – 1980. His legacy is the organization of the different street names came from the names of the first people lived in this barangay cited as the following: H. Vargas St., D. Aguilar St., P. Vargas St., B. Taller St., and J. Panti St. He also led the construction of water tank in Upland.

The following are the former Punong Barangay of Sogod Simala:
Jacinto Lopez – (1980-1982)
Miguel Bao – (1982-1983)
Rosalina Abarejo – (1983-1987) prioritize the concreting of the portion of D. Aguilar and Brgy. Plaza.
Maria Vargas Lopez – serve as OIC Captain during Efepanio Besonia’s term and she contributed the road widening projects and the acquisition of lot where the barangay plaza constructed.
Pablo Vargas Besonia (1987-1994) – his accomplishment: Reforestation of the upland forest, Barangay road concreting of D. Aguilar and H. Vargas St., Construction of Spillway, implemented the “Clean and Green” program, pursued the construction of household toilet and public toilet, awarded as a consolation prize for being clean and green program, maintained the “Peace in Order”, constructed temporary police station at J. Panti street and H. Vargas street.
Meriam Panti Besonia – 6th barangay captain (1994 – 1997) – She continued the clean and Green program, Reforestation, Maintained the Water tank/distribution, established Day care center.
Lilibeth Lopez Molina- 7th barangay captain, (1997-2002), 2nd term on (2002 to 2007) and 3rd term on (2007 – 2010).
Accomplishment for 1st Term:
She led the Construction of water reservoir with counterpart from Provincial Local Government thru PBM Jun Gabao and PBM Frediswendo Gianan Sr., Construction of Barangay Session Hall (phase 1), Open the access Road in P. Vargas street going to Breeding station-from the Provincial Local Government, Governor Hector Sanchez with the help of PBM Raffy Zuniega, Barangay road concreting in P. Vargas street barangay fund at the same time road widening, continue the Day care program. In 1998 when typhoon “Loleng” devastated the barangay, Spillway destroyed, she seek assistance from the “Diocess” of Virac for the house construction of five recipients namely; Francisca Justiniano, Teresita Socito, Pablo Vargas, and Ursicinio Lopez
Accomplishment for 2nd Term:
Seek Assistance to Mayor Jose U. Alberto II, Chinese Chamber, and DepEd for Building the Sogod Elementary School to be separated from Simamla Elementary School. On 2007, the Multi grade system started with two teachers, Elizabeth Salvanti and Emma Masagca headed by teacher in charge Mr. Mario Zuniega. She also requested barangay road concreting to Cong. Jun Verceles Jr. in P. Vargas Street at two hundred meter both line, and led the construction of barangay session hall phase 2 and phase 3.
Accomplishment for 3rd Term:
Won the Search for Most Clean and Greenest barangay with cash award of P30,000.00 through the administration of Mayor Santos Zafe, Municipal mayor. She led the Barangay road concreting in Ibong Sapa drainage in B. Taller Street and P. Vargas Street. Won the promise prize of P100,000.00 when Cong. Joseph Santiago elected and it proceeds for the improvement of barangay church. Punong Barangay Lilibeth L. Molina supported the Municipal Nutrition Program, hiring Barangay Nutrition Scholar (BNS). The First BNS was Salvacion Sorral, 2nd is Nelda A. Rodriguez, 3rd is Maria Salve C. Alberto, who conducted twice a week “Feeding” for 0 to 6 mos. children. She also appointed Ms. Loida Taller as a Day care worker.

Dennis S. Vargas – 8th Punong Barangay (2010-2013), (2013-Present)
Accomplishment for 1st Term:
Construction River Control/Flood Control from Cong. Cesar Sarmiento, Multi-Purpose Building from Municipal fund and barangay fund, Barangay road concreting from H.Vargas street to B. Taller street, Drainage system in B. Taller Street and H. Vargas street.
Accomplishment for 2nd Term:
Water Impounding in “kagamotan” used of farmers –barangay fund, Water
Impounding/Lane Canal or SWEP from BUB fund.

The Barangay councilman from 1982 to 1986:
Pablo Besonia,
Estaneslao Vargas,
Dulsicimo de la Cruz.
Juan de la Cruz,
Irenio Socito,
Lope Abiar
Romulo Aguilar
The Barangay councilman from 1987-1994:
Maria V. Lopez,
Estaneslao A. Vargas,
Lope Abiar,
Dulcisimo de la Cruz,
Erenio Socito
Juan de la Cruz
The Barangay councilman from 1995 – 1997:
Maria Vargas Lopez,
Dennis Socito Vargas,
Pedro Padilla Vargas,
Juan de la Cruz,
Benjamin Aguilar,
Floro Tibar Sr,

Barangay council from 1997 – 2002:
Alicia T. Zuniega
Bayani A. Bao
Benjamin L. Aguilar
Francisco Tabios Jr.
Elisa C. Vargas
Araceli de la Cruz
Francisco Panti Sr.
Amy T. Zuniega – SK
Norma Aguilar – Secretary
Consolation Tabios – Treasurer

Barangay council from 2002 – 2007:
Dennis S. Vargas,
Bayani Bao,
Araceli de la cruz,
Francisco Tabios Jr.,
Floro Tibar Sr.,
Elisa C. Vargas,
Remegio L. Aguilar
Heniekitch V. Rodreguiz
Norma D. Aguilar – Secretary
Consolation Tabios – Treasurer

Barangay council from 2007-2010:
Bayani Bao
Francisco Tabios Jr.
Heniekitch R. Aguilar
Richele C. Diega
Dennis S. Vargas
Ferdinand Aguilar
Emelia T. Tibar
Pelilia Legaspina – Secretary
Leonora, T. Araojo – Treasurer
Dexter P. Vargas – SK Chairman

Barangay Tanod 1997 to 2002
Adolfo Vargas
Juan de la Cruz
Delfin Lopez
Renato Sarmiento
Romulo Aguilar
Roger Bao
Jacinto Tibar
Jose Taller
Ursicinio Lopez
Joemarie Jamon
Remegio Aguilar

That time of Barangay Captain Maria Lopez when the barangay road implement they practiced by means of “Cabo” with the following:
Cabo # 1 – Estaneslao Vargas
Cabo # 2 – Pablo Besonia
Cabo # 3 – Dulcisimo de la Cruz
Cabo # 4 – Romulo Aguilar
Cabo # 5 – Maria Lopez
Cabo # 6 – Lope Abiar

Barangay council from 2010-2013:
Salvacion Sorral
Efepanio JOJO Besonia
Richele Diega
Ferdinand Aguilar
Floro Tibar Jr.
Efepanio P. Besonia
Pelilia Legaspina
Jayrald L.Molina – Sk Chairman
Lilibeth L.Molina – Secretary
Lolita Sarmiento – Treasurer

Barangay council from 2013-Present:
Jayrald L.Moliana
Salvacion Sorral
Bayani Bao
Richele Diega
Pelilia Legaspina
Marivic Panti
Alvin Borja
Lilibeth L.Molina – Secretary
Lolita Sarmiento – Treasurer
Task Force Member
Jestony Aguilar
Jobelyn Solsona
Rosemarie Jamon
Vicente Quintal
Jonas Rodreguiz
Jodielyn Taller
Garry Francis Araojo
Evangelyn Rodriguez
Barangay Tanods
Delfin Lopez
Joemarie Jamon
Roger Bao
Naida Lopez
Rogelio Loguisan
Jose Taller
Costantino Quintal
Maretis Marquez
Nestor Talla
Benjamin Aguilar
Shirley Ternida

Lupon Members:
Emerita S. Vargas
Meriam P. Besonia
Pilar Aguilar
Helen Rodreguiz
Asuncion Marquez
Dolores Bao

Barangay Health Worker:
Lorena Taller
Nilda Rodriguez
Melba P.Vargas
Emerita S. Vargas-BSPO

The Barangay Sogod Simamla Patron Fiesta is every June 23-24 in honour of Patron Saint Juan Bautista based on the name of the 1st man lived in this sitio who’s JUAN VARGAS.