In the 18th Century, there was a place wherein plenty of trees can be found, especially near the seashore. Fruit bearing trees with big, round elongated leaves commonly seen in this area.

The first inhabitants in this place were surprised upon discovering that these trees were growing dominantly in this far-flung Barangay which inhabitants called these trees “TARISOY”.

Since this place had no name yet, people asked one another, and were united to named their community as “TARISOY” based on these trees growing almost everywhere. As years went on, the word “TARISOY” was renamed “TALISOY”.

In 1903, this place was made and developed into a barrio and called it “BARRIO OF TALISOY”. The people were united and agreed with each other to built their houses near each other as neighbors and built a chapel in honor or their patron saint “LA VIRGEN DE SALVACION”. In this year, a barangay government was created and it was headed by Sr. Fructouso Sorreta as the founder of the council of Talisoy. He was the one who initiated to made an altar of their patron saint. In this year also, the Pangulo Municipal was Eustaquio Joson, Sr. Fructouso Sorreta as the founder of the Barrio, Pedro Talla was the “Teniente” while Angel Talla was the “Barrio Matanda”.

Year 1904, when the “First Mass” was celebrated in this place conducted by Rev. Fr. Antonio Josue, the Virac Parish Priest. Year 1933, Barrio of Talisoy have 53 Households and 352 inhabitants. In this year, the civic and spiritual society were united to abide the rules been implemented and as the years went on, progress of the Barrio were achieved until this time.

Remembering and Honoring the past and present Leaders of this Barangay, this Barangay were headed by the late Jose S. Bagadiong Sr. in 1960-1972 as “Teniente del Barrio”, the late Ester B. Urbano as Barangay Captain in 1972-1982, Armando B. Sta. Ines, 1982-1988, 1997-2002, the late Loreto S. Tatel in 1988-1994, 2002-2007, the late Pedro B. Zafe in 1994-1997, Thelma T. Vargas 2007-2013 and Reky S. Urbano in 2013 up to the present.

These were the men and women who offered their utmost dedication to public service in realizing progress of the Barangay.