Long time ago before the World War II there was a Sitio in Calatagan and Cavinitan where there are only fourteen (14) families residing. They plant camote, corn, rice and other root crops as their source of income and source of living.

When World War II end, resident from Poblacion of Virac especially from Gogon went to the Sitio and resides permanently. They put up a small Chapel and held a Novena every Friday in honor of SAN VICENTE FERRER. It was celebrated by PADRE OLIVA in honor with the Patron Saint and also as Barangay Fiesta. PADRE OLIVA named the place VALENCIA because in Spain where he is originated also name his place as Valencia.

In the year 1946, the Sitio was finally registered into a barangay headed by TENIENTE DEL BARRIO with the help of the late GERONIMO TABUZO as Mayor of Virac at that time.

In the year 1947, there was a Teniente Del Barrio. In 1956 an Elementary School building was constructed as well as the barangay Road. The resident was constructed the Elementary School and the barangay road thru a BAYANIHAN or ATAG.

The women were soliciting in kind or in cash to the Barangay resident for foods of the workers who constructed the building and road. At that time, the resident consist of (14) fourteen families came from (I) one family because of the far distant of houses from other houses. They can easily find resident to look after and easily known the name thru their alias.

Barlomome Panti(“Tolong Putol”)
Norberto Alcantara(“Betong kirayan”)
Pedro Matienzo (“Pedro Batag”)
Maximo Panti (“Imoy”)
Joseph Vargas(“Calapad Todo”)
Polonio Arcilla (“Tambor”)
Andrea Benavidez (“Tulala”)
Severino Ibayan (“Boray”)
Gregorio Panti (“Matingo”)
Heracleo Manogiud (“Purgatorio”)
Gabriel Sarmiento (“Balaca”)
Lazaro Arcilla (“Taghoy”)
Juan Panti (“Paha”)
Luis Panti (“Ocrat”)