Founded: 1775
  •   Island Group: Luzon
  •   Region: Bicol Region (Region V)
  •  Population: 73,650
  •  District: Lone district
  • Municipality Class: 1st
  •   Zip Code: 4800
  •  Barangay: 63
  •  Area: 18,778.4 hectares
  •   13° 35’N 124° 12’E


V – represents the initial name of “Virac”.

ABACA CORD – symbolizes unity among the people of Virac.

SHIELD – derived from the provincial seal of Catanduanes where the Municipality of Virac belongs.

RICE, CORN, COCONUT, ABACA & BANANA – represent the major agricultural products of the Municipality of Virac.

SAILFISH & SEA – represent the aquatic resources of the Municipality.

MACACO SPRING – represents the first settlement “Vidak” which was discovered by the Spaniards.

SAMDONG FLOWER – (Burak) represents the historical source of the name “Virac”.